Tabalhos autorais/personal work

Guilherme Eugênio reproduces the colors of his dreams and forms of his abstractions, with peculiar characteristics he develops his style since childhood at art school. In 2000 started to draw comics and illustrate children's books until he gets into the propaganda business, what influenced him to work with more expressive and communicative characters to better represent the phases of his artistic life. In his pieces of art he puts all his expression in looks and objects which at first seem disconnected, but are linked in a great story showed in a picture. The identity of deception, softened scare is mixed with happy and vivid colors. The bioenergy based on the spiritual context, soul projections and expansion of the awareness makes of his universe something quite particular.

Pinturas em acrílica sobre tela e papel kraft.
Essa é uma séria de trabalhos artísticos que desenvolvo. Se quiser conhecer mais trabalhos criativos visite meu site
Paintings in acrylic on canvas and kraft paper.
This is a series of artwork that I develop. If you want to know more creative work visit my site
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